Closed Flow System Overview

The Closed Flow System provides physics based 2D fluid flow simulation through a static set of enclosed pipes.

What DOES it do?

  • Simulates how water would flow through a given pipe system.
  • Supports pumps that can add acceleration to the system.
  • Has a full set of straight, right angled, and T pipes, along with larger holding tanks, collectively referred to as flow nodes.
  • Flow nodes must be aligned on a grid
  • Has a custom editor script that will automatically snap all flow nodes to the grid after they are approximately hand placed.
  • Runs fluidly on iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7.

What DOESN'T it do?

  • Detailed realistic water surface simulation.
  • Buoyancy calculations.
  • Any flow outside of the static, predefined pipe system.
  • Work with WebGL